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TAMBANG, August 25, 2009 | 15.07
Pertamina Seeks Partnership To Expand Lawe-Lawe Oil Terminal

Taufiequrrohman (taufieq@tambang.co.id)
Translated by Esti Widyasari (esti.widyasari@gmail.com)

Balikpapan - TAMBANG. PT Pertamina (Persero) has been seeking for partnership to invest in an oil terminal expansion project, in Lawe-Lawe, East Kalimantan. Pertamina has planed to expand the capacity of Lawe-Lawe Oil Terminal up to 10 tanks of crude oil.

Rahmat Hardadi, General Manager of Production Unit in Refinery Unit V Pertamina Balikpapan, explained that Lawe-Lawe has currently had 7 tanks of crude oil, with the capacity of 800,000 barrels each. He asserted that the terminal space area would be sufficient to accommodate 3 additional tanks.

"The area is big enough to accommodate up to 10 tanks," Hardadi said during a press conference in Balikpapan, on 22 August 2009. Nevertheless, he indicated that the expansion plan might still have to wait for investors.

"Currently, many foreign investors have shown their interest in Lawe-Lawe Oil Terminal project. But, they are impeded by the investment policy," he said.

Lawe-Lawe Oil Terminal is situated just outside the Kalimantan Island, in an area of 1,000 ha. It has been a strategic location for international terminal, with the surrounding area of South China Sea at its West, Sulu Sea at its Northeast, Sulawesi Sea and Makassar Strait at its East, and also Java Sea and Karimata Strait at its South.