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TAMBANG, October 09, 2009 | 16.01
PERHAPI Organized A Professional Working Group For Added Value Orientation

Satya Graha Somantri

Abraham Lagaligo (abraham@tambang.co.id)
Translated by Esti Widyasari (esti.widyasari@gmail.com)

Jakarta – TAMBANG. Although the Minerba Law (Law No.4/2009) has called for an obligation for domestic smelting/processing, the implementation has not been easy. The lack of effort and courage to take risks, technology barrier, and funding problems were identified as impediments.
To tackle the problems, the Association of Indonesian Mining Proffesionals (PERHAPI in its Indonesian abbreviation) has offered a solution.

PERHAPI has organized a professional working group for added value oriented mining products.
The establishment of such professional working group was one of the main agenda of their event, the Seminar & Workshop on “Opportunities and Challenges on Indonesia’s Mineral and Coal Added Value Oriented Industries, held in Jakarta, on 7-8 October 2009.

Satya Graha Somantri from the Added Value Commission in PERHAPI said that the professional working group would be divided based on each commodity. There would be a working group for copper, nickel, iron ore, metal, tin, bauxite, etc.

“The selected commodities were those with real potential reserves in Indonesia,” he said. In each working group, they would discuss steps in processing the mining products from the beginning to form metal material.

“We start from the technology, the investment cost, and the funding effort. We will discuss them here comprehensively,” Soemantri said during the event. He further explained that the processing techniques would be adjusted with the characteristics of Indonesian minerals.

The professional working group would consist of PERHAPI members and other professional who has expertise in the field. Researchers from universities and processing technology provider, such as Xtrata, Ototech and Mitsubishi, would also be involved in the group.

The professional working group would facilitate mining entrepreneurs to start business in smelting/processing. “Various prospects on the business will be elaborated. We will also provide assistance for entrepreneurs to be successful in the business,” Soemantri concluded.