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Sequence Stratigraphy In Carbonate Reservoir Development

21 May 2012 - 25 May 2012

Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Event's overview:

Masterclass Objectives

  • GAIN an overview of the stratigraphic distribution and petroleum reservoir performance in SE Asia
  • UNDERSTAND the principles and key concepts of carbonate sequence stratigraphy
  • ANALYSE and interpret the seismic response of carbonate sequences accurately
  • EXPLORE various techniques of studying carbonate diagenesis and pore systems
  • APPLY high resolution sequence stratigraphy techniques to model carbonate successions
  • LEARN from various specific case studies of carbonate reservoirs in SE Asia
  • IDENTIFY the contribution of carbonate petroleum systems towards unlocking future hydrocarbon potential in SE Asia

This course is designed for geoscientists working on exploration for carbonate plays and those concerned with production and modelling of carbonate reservoirs in need of an understanding of the principles and applications of carbonate sequence stratigraphy. They include:
Geologist and Geophysicist
Reservoir, Petroleum and Project Engineers
Explorationist / Exploration Managers


Peter Gutteridge is a Consultant Sedimentologist and Director with Cambridge Carbonates Ltd which he co-founded in 1990. There he worked on almost all productive carbonate hydrocarbon systems worldwide ranging in age since the Pre-Cambrian and consulted for and conducted carbonate exploration and reservoir studies for various majors and national oil companies including BG Exploration, Murphy Oil, Kuwait Oil Company, JOGMEC, Pemex and Wintershall.

His career started out with Britoil in 1983 where he worked on the North Sea and acquired the basic skills and experience to be a petroleum geologist for about 2 years before he returned to academia to continue his research on Dinantian carbonates and teach all aspects of carbonate sedimentology, stratigraphy and petroleum geology. Peter has key experience in Palaeozoic carbonates and evaporite systems and is also a skilled interpreter of karst breccia and fracture systems in carbonates.


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