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TAMBANG 29 Mei 2014 | 11.01
Vice Minister Urged to Quit from Pertamina Commissionerís Position
Jakarta - TAMBANG. The Leader of the United Pertamina Federation of Trade Unions (FSPPB) Ugan Gandar had demanded that Susilo Siswoutomo, ESDM Vice Minister, to resign from his Pertamina Commissionerís position as he was accused of not siding with the oil & gas giant in the taking-over of the Mahakam block. Mr. Siswoutomo was deemed to act unfavorably to the state-owned company when talking about the Mahakam block at an IPA event last week.
TAMBANG 29 Mei 2014 | 10.59
Jokowi Visits South Kalimantan, Touches Upon Mining Royalty
Jakarta - TAMBANG. The presidential candidate Joko Widodo, lovingly referred to only as Jokowi, visited the official residence of South Kalimantan Governor, Ruddy Ariffin, recently.They talked about, among others, the need for renegotiation between central and local government on the distribution of mining royalties. He was given the explanations by Mr. Ariffinon the most current mining situation in the administration area.
TAMBANG 29 Mei 2014 | 10.57
Regent Called to Maintain Order on Manganese Mining
Jakarta - TAMBANG. Head of Regional Office for Mining and Energy of the East Nusa Tenggara Province, Danny Suhadi, has urged the Belu District administration to obey all regulations with respect to the mining of manganese stone carried out by a company, identified as PT. Nusa Lontar Air Tameak.
TAMBANG 29 Mei 2014 | 10.56
Australian Investment Climate Poor: Rusal
Rusal, the Russian aluminum giant, has claimed that business climate in Australia is not conducive anymorefor the mineral processing industry.
TAMBANG 29 Mei 2014 | 10.54
1 Million Hectares Jambi Forest Damaged by Coal Mining
Jakarta - TAMBANG. Musli Nauli, Executive Director of the Jambi office of the environmental NGO Walhi,urged competent authorities to stop granting or revoke IUPs (mining business license)of mining companies. He argued that in the last ten years,recommendations to issuanceof permits to mine coal in protected and conservation forests areas had been too easily provided by the local government, usually within a year before and after the local elections.