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TAMBANG 05 Mei 2014 | 08.56
China Will Seek Bauxite from New Sources
The world aluminium industry, especially China, is facing a growing bauxite shortage after Indonesia bans its raw mineral exports, noted the advisory agency Wood McKenzie (Woodmac), Friday (2/5).
TAMBANG 05 Mei 2014 | 08.54
Practicality Behind Pertamina’s LPG Import
Jakarta –TAMBANG. Ari Anggoro, Manager of Domestic Gas Region III PT. Pertamina, explained that there is a difference between natural gas and LPG which is rarely known. The difference is on the content of chemical gas species present in both natural gas and LPG. According to him, the chemical gas content of the LPG has more calories than that of natural gas.
TAMBANG 05 Mei 2014 | 08.52
China to Look Elsewhere for Nickel Supply
Jakarta - TAMBANG. For years, China has been a loyal customer of Indonesia’s nickel and bauxite ore. However, the new ruling prohibiting export of raw minerals from Indonesia has forced China to reconsider its plans. The Sea Trade Global website (2/5) has quoted China as the biggest importer of Indonesian mineral ores with a per year trade reaching around 110 million tons.
TAMBANG 05 Mei 2014 | 08.50
Bangladesh, New Market for Indonesian Coal
A 1,320 MW capacity power plant is in the middle of development in Moheshkhali, Bangladesh. Everyday, the plant which is to be built by a Chinese company will require a supply of 11,000 tons of coal,to be imported from abroad including Indonesia.
TAMBANG 05 Mei 2014 | 08.47
Golden Spike v Pertamina Case Postponed Due To Bankruptcy
Jakarta - TAMBANG. Bambang Koestopo, a member of a panel of judges of the Central State Court, had given a verdict that Golden Spike was proven as failing to perform its obligations to settle its debts to Global Pacific in accordance with the arrangements made during a Suspension of Payment period. He stated that this was a strong evidence to impose bankruptcy on Golden Spike."…to hereby grant the applicant's appeals and declare henceforth the defendant as being in a state of bankruptcy with all its legal consequences," read Mr. Koestopo at the court in Jakarta, Wednesday (30/4).