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TAMBANG 17 Juli 2013 | 16.54
Environmental NGO Said Pertamina Has No Renewable Spirit
Jakarta – TAMBANG. Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI), an Indonesian environmental advocacy NGO, claimed that Pertamina doesn’t suit the “Renewable Spirit” tagline they currently promote. Pertamina’s shale gas exploration plan is deemed contradictory with the idea of developing new and renewable energy.
TAMBANG 16 Juli 2013 | 01.44
Gov’t to Renew Contract Renegotiation Regulation
Jakarta - TAMBANG. The Indonesian Government confirmed the plan to renew the contract renegotiation regulation involving Contract of Work (KK in its Indonesian abbreviation) and Coal Mining Contract of Work (PKP2B in its Indonesian abbreviation).
TAMBANG 20 April 2013 | 13.05
Controversy over Distribution of Subsidized Fuel Oil
Consumption of subsidized fuel oil is predicted to soar. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) issues a regulation to control subsidized fuel oil. Transporters feel affected by the policy.
TAMBANG 13 April 2013 | 16.10
Significant Boost for Indo-China Relationship
Jakarta-TAMBANG- A strategic partnership was forged between PT Biidznillah Tambang Nusantara (BTN), a special purpose vehicle of Pondok Pesantren Al Ishlah Bondowoso, Indonesia, BTN Power (M) Sdn.Bhd. and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) from China on April 13th at The Sultan Hotel in Jakarta.
TAMBANG 10 April 2013 | 19.13
Revision on Geothermal Pricing Soon to Be Signed
Jakarta - TAMBANG. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is completing a revision on electricity sales-purchase from geothermal power plant pricing regulation. The ministerial regulation revision will be signed in a few weeks.