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TAMBANG 08 April 2013 | 05.04
New and Renewable Energy Special Allocated Funding for 71 Regencies
Manado – TAMBANG. This year, the government would provide special allocated funding for 71 regencies all across Indonesia. In addition to the implementation of renewable energy development for electricity, this year’s program would also facilitate the use of biogas.
TAMBANG 05 April 2013 | 12.43
Seven New Officials in the Ministry of ESDM
Jakarta – TAMBANG. The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM in its Indonesian abbreviation) inaugurated 7 new officials, in Jakarta, today (5/4).
TAMBANG 28 Maret 2013 | 05.20
Lacking Infrastructure May Stall Gas Conversion
Jakarta – TAMBANG. The small numbers of gas filling station (SPBG in its Indonesian abbreviation) may obstruct government’s conversion program, from oil fuel to gas fuel. Gas fuel is still relatively inaccessible, especially for the targeted segment of public transportation.
TAMBANG 11 Maret 2013 | 02.36
Local Government Should be More Proactive Regarding WPR
Jakarta – TAMBANG. Prolonged issue of Mining Area (WP in its Indonesian abbreviation) determination has subsequently stalled the determination of People’s Mining Area (WPR in its Indonesian abbreviation). The importance of WPR to solve illegal mining issue, especially in Bangka Belitung Province, is supposed to drive the local government to act proactively.
TAMBANG 08 Maret 2013 | 18.41
Environmental NGOs Warns Tin Miners in Bangka Belitung
Jakarta – TAMBANG. Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (Walhi), an Indonesian based environmental NGO, works alongside Friends of the Earth Netherlands and Friends of the Earth England to express their concerns towards safety and environmental impact of tin mining in Bangka-Belitung Province. The joint effort was carried out by sending letters to all mining companies in the province, which produces 90% of Indonesia’s tin.